Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Pony and The Pup

     Mort and Emma did really well on their trail ride together!  We started in the arena and I just asked Emma to lay down and stay.  She did that for a while but eventually she got bored with that so I asked her to come and she came immediately but didn’t know where to put her butt down.  The answer she came up with was to sit directly underneath Mort (my horse is a wonderful, wonderful boy).  She did this three different times.  I guess it works with Mort, but I think I need to work with Emma on sitting where I point instead of just coming to me to sit.  My bad. 

     We had fun on a windy day on the trails.  Emma bolting around but not getting too far ahead.  Mort watching her in the brush and only giving her the side-eye and not a single spook.  Emma playing in the pond and creek crossing.  Mort still crossing the creek even though it was scarier with all the dirt stirred up in it.  Good pony.  Good pup.  

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